Pechchiyakkal Mandapam

Pechchiyakkal Mandapam:This mandapam situated opposite the sanctum of the Swamy to the east of the celestial wedding hall has 28 pillars.

This mandapam was built by Pechchiyakkal, a woman vendor of curd in 1659 and was constructed by Pittu Chokku Pandaram.

Rayar gopuram:This gopuram is situated opposite the New Mandapam to the east. This tower which remains incomplete was started by Thirumalai Naicker (1623-1659) in memory of Emperor Krishna Deva Rayar of Vijayanagaram empire. Therefore it is being called Rayar Gopuram.

This mandapam is 174 (52,2 meters long and 107 feet (32.1 m) wide.

The sculpture of Nandi Mandapam : The small mandapam housing the statue of Nandi, opposite the flag post of the temple, facting the shrine was carved out of a single rock.

It was built by Kambavarayar.

The sculpture at the entrance to the shrine of the lord:

At the entrance to the sanctum of the Lord are two statues of Sadasiva Moorthy and Gayathri Devi on either side.

The statues of four Saiva Saints have been carved on the pillars in that area.

There are statues of two dwarapalakars measurng 12 feet in heght near these pillars.

The sculpture at the entrance to the Sanctum of the Lord:The sanctum sanctorum of the Lord is housed in a vimanam being held high by eight elephants. Since this was constructed by Devendran, it is also called the Indra Vimanam.

Of the elephants bearing the roof of the shrine, six have been carved on the outer walls while two are on both sides of Chockanathar, the reigning deity.

The sanctum shrine has been so planned that in addition to the eight elephants, there are also 32 lions and the minions of Lord Shiva.

The idol at the Sanctum of Amman: On the walls of Amman sanctum are carved 32 lions and minor deities.

The carvings atop the sanctum are excellent work of sculptural excellence.

Along the first corridor of the sanctum of Amman sculptures explaning the meanings of the poems of Meenakshi Pillai Tamil.

The idol of Mukkurini Vinayagar : The seven foot high idol of Mukkurini Vinayakar on the way to Swami sannidhi from that of the Godess is carved out of a single rock, is unique in many ways.

This idol was installed by King Thirumalai Nayakkar in the year 1645. Legend has it that this idol was found when the Mariamman Teppakulam was being dug.

Thirumalai Naicker and members of his family have been caste in metal and are housed in the Thiruvatchi of this shrine.

The sculptures of Swami temple : Near the Kambathadi mandapam of Swami Sannidhi are sculptures of orthandavar, Badrakali, Agni Veerapathirar, Akora Veerapathirar, which are of special significance having been carved out of a single rock.