Theradi Mandapams

Theradi Mandapams(the Mandapam at the foot of chariot shed):Theradi Mandapams are situated along the East Masi street.

During the Chitra Festival, the procession deities Meenakshi and Sundareswarar arrive at this mandapam on the day of car festival before being taken out in procession. in their chariots.

The shed housing the car of Amman was built by Pappu Chettiar. Now the cars of Amman and the Lord have been renovated with modern technology.

The shed of the Lord was built in the year 1795 by Anandazhvan Ayyan.

Old Oonjal Mandapam : This mandapam which was constructed by Thiruambala Chetti in 1562 and is seen on the western bank of the Pottramarai Kulam .

It is said that the God and Goddess go on the swing in the mandapam at 7 p.m every Friday in the ancient days.


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