Muthupillai Mandapam

Muthupillai Mandapam or Iruttumandapam:

It was constructed by Kadanthai Mudaliar in 1613.

There are statues of Pitchanar, Munivars or saints of the Tharukavanam and wives of the saints.

Mythology has it that Lord Shiva took the form of Pitchanar to preach to the Munivars of Tharukavanam.

The statues of Munivar, Mohini and Kadanthai Mudaliar are seen at the southern side of the mandapam.

Swamy Sannidhi(sanctum sanctrom) - Dhakshinamoorthy,Lingothpavar,Durga Mandapams : On the walls of the sanctum sanctorum of the Lord are the Dhakshinamoorthy Mandam with a pinnacle, the Lingothpavar mandapam has sculptures of Maal and Ayan unable to find the feet and crown of the Lord and the Durga mandapam.

These mandapams were built by Kambavarayar